Here at Fairbanks Eye Gallery, we have taken the time to source boutique and exclusive brands, highlighting the finest eyewear from Europe. We have created a fantastic working relationship with some of the worlds best eyewear companies, evident in the award winning Lindberg range.

Our extensive list of exclusive eyewear include: Lindberg, Orgreen, Bellinger, JF Rey, Volte Face, Boz, Anne et Valentin, I C! Berlin and De Stijl.

We also stock the brands: Porsche, Prego, Monkey Eyewear, Wayne Cooper, Memoflex, Brendel, Humphreys, Oscar & Fitch, Dutz, Vinyl Factory, Vanni and Jaguar

Check out the following websites for a more in depth view of the ranges

Lindberg – https://lindberg.com

Orgreen – https://orgreenoptics.com

Bellinger – www.bellinger.dk/bellinger

JF Rey – https://www.jfrey.fr/en

Boz – https://www.boz-eyewear.fr

Volte face – https://www.volteface.com

I C! Berlin – https://www.ic-berlin.de/en_GB

Anne et Valentin – https://www.anneetvalentin.com/collection.php

De Stijl – https://lookouteye.com