About Us


Your optometrist is CEO and business owner Peter Fairbanks, B Optom (UNSW). Peter has a special interest in Vision Improvement and has studied the work of many international authors and visionaries including Jacob Liberman and Robert-Michael Kaplan. He has presented numerous lectures and workshops throughout Australia to both the profession and public alike. Peter is passionate about improving the eyesight and expanding the insight of those who seek his council. He is committed to educating the wider community about the causes of eyesight problems. If your child is not learning to their full potential call 5333 1133 today to arrange an eyetest. Peter can advise you on cutting edge vision improvement. Nutrition advice is also available … especially to help reduce the risk of macular degeneration as well as nutritional advice to support healthy eyes. Peter also offers sports vision assessment and enhancement especially in relation to tennis, royal tennis, cricket, golf, hockey, basketball, netball and football.


Services include:

A behavioural approach to optometry

Optimising vision for sport

Computerised Visual Field testing

General eye tests

FREE contact lens trial fitting (Existing contact lens wearers excluded)

Vision Improvement

Nutrition for healthy eyesight

A holistic approach to optometry