Eye Clinic Buninyong

At the Fairbanks Eye Gallery – Eye Clinic Buninyong, we offer high quality optometric care to our patients. Well established, and well regarded; we offer state-of-the-art eye tests, as well as comprehensive treatments and corrections to patients in the Buninyong area.
The Fairbanks Eye Gallery – Eye Clinic Buninyong’s staff strives to give our patients the highest quality eye care. We specialise in diagnosing and treating a wide range of eye conditions and diseases. Whether you need prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, our team of professionals will tailor a solution to meet you needs.

No matter your age, we all need to properly maintain our eyes. Regular eye tests will help track your need for corrective measures, if any. The vast majority of eye diseases are preventable, so here at Fairbanks Eye Gallery – Eye Clinic Buninyong we strive to provide education to our patients on how to better manage their own eye health. Eye care is not just about treating symptoms, but about providing better overall health to all our patients.

A major point of focus at Fairbanks Eye Gallery – Eye Clinic Buninyong is maintaining a personal, and professional approach to optometry. We provide not only the highest quality eye care, but also a personal and local service to all of our Buninyong patients, ensuring an enjoyable and pleasant experience with us.

Whether you’re in need of prescription lenses, or coming in for a regular eye test, you’ll find a friendly team of professionals at Fairbanks Eye Gallery-Eye Clinic Buninyong, as well as everything you need for maintaining your eye health.

Come in to our Buninyong Eye Clinic, or phone (03) 5333 1133 for an appointment.

Areas that our clients travel from to visit us for eye test and treatments; Eye Clinic Avoca, Eye Clinic Ararat, Eye Clinic Miners Rest, Eye Clinic Beaufort, Eye Clinic Buninyong Embed and Eye Clinic Bacchus.

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